How Society Suppresses Your Inner Entrepreneur… And What You Can Do About It Starting Today

I was sitting in a restaurant today. As I focused on finishing the meal in front of me, I couldn’t help but overhear a middle-aged couple arguing behind me.

Their 10-year-old son had got in trouble for selling sweets at school.

The couple were worried.

That really got me thinking.

Just about everywhere, kids are growing up with entrepreneurial and commercial activities restricted to them. Any kind of promotion is immediately punished and looked down upon.

What is the cost of this and what impact does it have on them?

How is it going to impact them later in life when they graduate and think back to those early experiences when they were taught that all selling is bad?

How much harm would it really do if children were allowed to sell stuff in schools?

How about they have an additional hour where children were allowed to don the businessman’s chair in school, so they could learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur right from their childhood…

What’s the cost of this, what is the cost to the society where self-promotion is so frowned upon?

Nobody gives two hoots about the price paid by these children later in their adult lives.

“To sell” is sometimes such a dirty phrase.

If the school system looks down and frowns upon entrepreneurial activities right from kindergarten, then we as a country are doomed.

I started thinking about what could be the solution for this, the solution to overcome and correct the very powerful messages conditioned into us from a very early age suppressing our inner entrepreneur.

The answer came to me almost immediately – You have to surround yourself with like-minded people, with people who think self-promotion is good and are taking positive steps in that direction.

You have to listen to sales training and programs, you have to engage in sales activities… you have to start taking massive action!

Slowly, but surely, you will overcome the toxic non-sense fed to you and release that inner entrepreneurial instinct!

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